What To Do If There’s No Deal

Many of our members are concerned about the possibility of a so-called No Deal Brexit. We have made strong representations to the negotiating parties on the need for an agreement.

Even if there is no agreement between negotiating parties by the currently understood deadlines (31 January 2020) – they will still need to keep talking. Despite significant opposition to the scenario in both UK and European Parliaments and beyond, it’s possible that no comprehensive deal will be agreed on the UK’s departure and future arrangements. That may lead to more limited discussions on specific issues like aviation and data, but that cannot be guaranteed.

The UK Government, Belgian Government, and European Commission have put contingency plans in place. These include a series of unilateral measures and a plan for what to do in crucial areas where unilateral measures do not suffice. These plans and advice can be found below.

In any case, this would be a fast-moving scenario with frequent news updates.

We have listed the most important official sources here.

  UK Government

General Brexit Advice

Check what you need to do if there is No Deal

HMG Reasonable Worst Case Planning Assumptions (Operation Yellowhammer)

  Belgian government

Brexit Advice for Businesses

Brexit Impact Scan

 European Commission

Brexit Preparedness

Customs guide for businesses













We will add further sources whenever possible.

The British Chamber of Commerce to Belgium and the EU will stay in close touch with UK, EU and Belgian authorities to ensure we can provide members with as much insight as possible.


Practical Help

If you need assistance on UK / Belgium or other European markets, you should make use of
tools like the Brexit Impact Scan, but you’re also likely to need practical support.

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