Whilst, as a Chamber of Commerce our world evolves around business, what is foremost in our minds right now is how the people within our member organisations are coping with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

As we help and support each other through this unnerving and sometimes frightening time we invite members working in all aspects of personal well-being to contact us.  By providing this mutual support we grow in our shared humanity and become stronger together.

To this end the following members are offering well-being services: 

CHS Logo

CHS is a non-profit organisation providing information, support and mental health services to the international community.  It is an English speaking organisation which has been established since 1971.  CHS operates a free 24/7 helpline in English – 02 648 40 14.  Their team are experienced in dealing with issues such as: loneliness, depression and anxiety, addictions, distress and crisis, relationships, bereavement and loss — Website link here

Juicy Grape is a life coaching business featuring an online wellness platform that has been established to help people to reclaim their power, awaken their creativity and start living authentically, with vibrancy and passion.

At Juicy Grape they believe that there are only two outcomes from the situation we are all in right now. Some of us will end up miserable and chubby after spending weeks Netflixing away the sorrow and eating up all the anxiety. Others will ask themselves “What can I use this time for?”, they will reflect on their lives, learn something new, discover their dreams along the way, get fit in preparation for taking off once this period of uncertainty is over. Sooner or later it will be over, and it is only up to each one of us whether we use this time to improve ourselves – to reach that next level available to us, or we will waste it.

We have an opportunity to come out of this not only healthier but stronger mentally and emotionally, having clarity about our future and ready to rock the world with our incredible presence and ideas.

To help us thrive in adversity, Juicy Grape are offering free advice to help Member companies and their employees with emotional wellbeing during Covid-19 crisis. 

For more information and DIY tools and techniques please visit or contact