Support for the business community is being provided through Regional and Federal Government.

The following links may be of help to you. We will continue to add to these as new information is provided.

The main information website can found here.


Official information from the federal government


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Regional Government Advice


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In Wallonia, there have been several initiatives by the authorities, public and private partners, aimed at companies:

Helpdesk for companies: - Federal & regional measures here.

 The Government of Wallonia has created an extraordinary solidarity fund of 350 million euros, of which 233 million euros for companies and independents. Some of the measures support companies' export activities, through SOFINEX here.

 BioWin, the Health competitiveness cluster in Wallonia has created an interactive cooperative platform: here.

 UWE (Union wallonne des entreprises) has also launched a similar initiative: here.

 Digital Wallonia also invites Wallonia companies, in the digital sector & e-commerce, to put forward their solutions to support mutual aid through technology: here.




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The main coronavirus-related webpages of the Flemish Government are

 Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) (here for all businesses and entrepreneurs)

 Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT): here (mainly for exporting companies)

Here are the key measures taken by the Flemish Government:

For companies and self-employed:

1) In case that the business was forced to close in line with decisions made by the Belgian government: Nuisance premium (Hinderpremie) of 4.000 euro (application here)

2) In case the business remained open but turnover dropped by more then 60%: Compensation premium (“Compensatiepremie”) of 3.000 euro (application here)

3) State guarantees for debt refinancing (up to 12 months): additional tranche of 100 million euro via Participatie Maatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) (application here)

4) In addition, PMV allows companies and self-employed to delay loan repayments by 3 months

5) Delayed payments of property tax etc.

These measures can be combined with the measures decided at the level of the Belgian government, such as:

 Temporary unemployment (with more than 1.000.000 applications so far)

 Agreement with Belgian banks to delay loan repayments - for companies and individuals - till 31 October 2020 (application via Belgian banks)

 Delay of social security and tax payments

In addition, measures are taken for employees who are on temporary unemployment including a one-off premium to pay electricity and gas.

Also, childcare is guaranteed by schools especially for healthcare workers.




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The most complete and up to date information can be found on 1819 website.

For the most recent and official information can be found here: Corona FAQ page

The Corona FAQ page additionally contains the measures of the government to combat the corona virus as well as the federal & regional measures taken to support the economy & household incomes.

Brussels-based companies can also follow the 1819 LinkedIn page for information.

If you wish to talk to someone about the measures taken you can dial 1819.


UK Links

Information from the UK Government can be found here.

Information from the UK NHS can be found here.