Welcome to the Care From our Members section of our Resource Hub.  In these extraordinary times we have received a huge response from our family of service provider members happy to share their expertise and provide free advice and services.  This sharing will help all of our companies and the wider community manage through these difficult times and make us stronger as people and businesses. 

We thank all of you for your contributions.  Please continue to keep in contact with us with any updates or relevant information and activities as we are continually refreshing this resource.

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COVID-19 Resource centre — Website link here
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Linklaters have developed a range of material to help clients manage the impact of Covid-19 on their business.

Covid-19: A Belgian guide to signifiant commercial and legal issues: link. A similar UK guide is available here or via our Covid-19 hub: link.

Covid-19: Government measures: link - In response to the outbreak of Covid-19, governments around the world are introducing measures and restrictions swiftly to help citizens and businesses manage the resulting disruption, both in the short and long terms. Here is an overview of some of the various measures being introduced by governments to tackle the social and economic impact of Covid-19.

 Key attention points regarding Belgian company law and disclosure (link)

 Foreign Investment Control: the impact of Covid-19 and ​sectors to watch​​​.

 Blog post State aid and Covid-19 – the blueprint for Government support falls into place (27 March 2020)

 Blog post Covid-19: Can State aid be part of the cure? (17 March 2020)]

Webinars are arranged on 9 April (financing and tax issues) and 16 April (competition).  Details for registration will follow shortly.

CS&A Crisis (non-Member)

Navigate through the COVID-19 Storm - Online Interactive Workshop 

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A comprehensive range of advice is available on the Deloitte website here

Deloitte have provided documents covering the following:

INCREASING ORGANIZATIONAL RESILIENCE IN THE FACE OF COVID-19 - FUTURE OF WORK: Ways of working to sustain and thrive in uncertain times

COVID-19 - Practical workforce strategies that put your people first.

COVID-19 - People, technology, and the path top organizational resilience.

COVID-19 - Managing cashflow during a period of Crisis.

COVID-19 - Managing supply chain risk during a period of disruption.

COVID-19 - Managing customer loyalty and trust during times of uncertainty.

Deloitte's have a programme of webinars planned for every Friday. Details and registration links can be found here

Guidance on Data protection compliance and hub for legal updates. Links on website — Website link here
Crowe Logo Crowe have prepared a comprehensive overview of support measures in Belgium in the context of the corona crisis (Covid-19) that can be downloaded here
Claeys&Engels Logo Claeys and Engels have advice on the temporary changes to employment law now in force — Website link here
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Akkanto are developing a webinar and we will update you with details shortly. Akkanto have prepared a summary of the services they can provide businesses here.

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'Quickstart Your Online Meetings Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Connecting A.S.A.P. With Your Colleagues Online'.

Tim De Nordwall has created a webinar to give training in making getting the best out of online meetings. The presentation from the webinar can be found here.

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Dr Madeleine de Hauke, CEO of Business4Good, has created an insightful virtual meetings resource to help guide the focus of the meeting during these times where video conferencing has become the norm!


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A Webinar on 'Antitrust Risk and Business Continuity during the COVID-19 Crisis' was held on Friday March 27. This covered:

The ways in which authorities are responding to challenges faced by businesses having to engage industry collaboration in order to ensure security of supplies of essential products and services to mitigate business failure;

The European Commissions's temporary framework for state aid to enable Governments to provide emergency support for Europe's businesses and economies;

The impact of the crisis on global deal timelines as authorities adjust to new ways of working.

Please contact Jennifer Kennedy, if you would like to discuss any of the topics covered further.