Colleen is a business builder and mentor regarded for her integrity, insight, ingenuity, and drive. Her experience in business development and strategic marketing formed during her three-decade career with a top global Fortune 500 corporation where she held diverse leadership roles.

A highlight of Colleen’s tenure in the corporate world was establishing a standalone multi-million dollar medical device business from the ground up. She led and earned the confidence of multiple functions—from operations and R&D to sales and marketing—and gained the buy-in of key internal and external stakeholders. She introduced new technologies for development services and contract manufacturing, as well as branded products co-marketed through collaborations with multinational medical companies.

Colleen’s latest endeavour, Ultemion, grew out of her desire to provide world-class guidance, and access to a global network of professionals, to companies that aspire to be more. A global business development and strategic marketing consultancy, Ultemion helps companies build a people-centred go-to-market strategy and process to consistently achieve profitability and growth goals.

Colleen has deep knowledge of multiple industries, including flexible packaging materials, personal care and hygiene, medical devices, automotive, and consumer electronics.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Colleen is based in Belgium with her husband and two children. She embraces culture, loves to travel, and is always keen to learn something new and to take on a challenge.