Our members employ 1.5m people in the UK and at least that many in the EU27. The success of Europe is essential for us.

So, the Single European Market, all of the related legislation and regulation, and EU relations with the rest of the world are day-to-day concerns for us.

We cover all the key issues for business and provide regular opportunities for member firms to engage with influencers and decision-makers. Just look at our calendar and past events for a flavor.

How it works

The EU Committee of the British Chamber is composed of the Chair, two Vice-Chairs and the Chairs of the four task forces. The committee meets every second month and guides the work of Task Forces.

We organise a vast programme of meetings and briefings where members can engage with EU stakeholders covering major strategic issues to practical regulatory development. The programme is developed by our members and reflects the issues that are the most important to them. Events are designed to ensure that members engage personally with the experts and decision-makers that matter.
The EU Committee seeks to help our members navigate the changing EU environment and bring the new focus in the following ways:

  • Providing insight into the European elections and what they are likely to mean for our members and their activities
  • Creating opportunities for our members to build relationships with new institutional actors as they arrive in Brussels
  • Enabling our members to gain insight into the policy trends that will be the framework for legislative action in the next Commission and Parliament
  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of our members to help newcomers to Brussels to prepare their organisations for interaction with the EU and Belgian business community
  • Increasing exchange with the UK stakeholders to better understand the developments in the EU and the UK in particular where these diverge, and how these are going to influence our members

*Participation in EU Committee events is limited to Full or Patron members of the British Chamber.

EU Committee chair
Helena Raulus
The Law Societies Joint Brussels Office
EU Committee vice-chair
Sean Murray
EUK Consulting
EU Committee vice-chair
Robert Hardy
Simmons and Simmons
British Chamber Lead
Bernada Cunj
Head of Policy & EU Affairs

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