Active & Inclusive Economy – How businesses can help ensure that all parts of society play a full and active role in the economy.

The task force seeks to engage with policy makers and stakeholders on the challenges facing an active and inclusive economy. The task force will be a forum for a constructive dialogue on key issues facing the EU including all aspects of health, active ageing, diversity, education, skill building and employment policy. The task force will explore the growing need to address skill and education gaps and the need to ensure that current and future business skill-needs will be addressed actively at EU level. This includes also questions such as equal access to resources such as food and water.

The Task Force expects to be engaged on the key issues and policies outlined below. This overview will be reviewed following the publication of the new Commission’s work plan.

Pharmaceuticals: European Commission review of incentives under EU legislation including the evaluation of the legislation on medicines for children and rare, review of legislation on substances of human origin.
Active and healthy ageing
Digital health
Education and skills: committed to bringing together the needs of business and the workforce and industry leaders of the future. Recognising the imperative to understand the implications of AI for business and current and future employees: How do these challenges feature in EU debate and policy formation? Is there a place in EU education policy for the voice of the child?

Co-Chairs: Richard Corliss, Takeda and Nikos Manaras, Acumen Public Affairs

Vice-Chair: Zachary Burnside, FTI Consulting and George Niland, Acumen Public Affairs