British Chamber EU’s Energy, Transport and Chemicals Task Force contributes to ongoing EU policy and legislative discussions related to the EU’s long-term decarbonisation and industrial competitiveness. While decarbonisation and regulation can be a challenge for EU industry, they also bring opportunities, and are important drivers for wealth and economic growth. The Task Force therefore supports the EU’s political agenda towards affordable, sustainable and innovative production and manufacturing systems. Representing various sectors of industry (e.g. upstream and downstream energy suppliers, vehicle manufacturers, chemicals producers), it aims to be a reliable policy partner to EU policymakers and to help ensure that energy-, transport- and chemicals -related policies add value to, and benefit, the entire industrial ecosystem.

Current priorities:
1.    Strengthening Europe’s competitiveness through industry- and climate-friendly regulation
2.    Safeguarding intellectual property (IP) incentives to drive innovation
3.    Value-based manufacturing to foster safe and sustainable use of chemicals
4.    Unleashing the potential of technologies

Energy system transition; Decarbonisation of heavily emitting industries; Sustainable and connected mobility; Innovative manufacturing and safe use of chemicals.

Chair: James Stevens, Rud Pedersen

Vice-Chairs: Agnès Leroux, Acumen Public Affairs
                      Irina Michalowitz, AVISA Partners
                      Nathalie Rubin-Delanchy, Cambre Associates

Events in the last year have covered: Endocrine Disruptors, REACH, Renewable Energy Directive, Energy Efficiency Directive, Electricity market Design, ETS Review, Low carbon Mobility.


  • Geert Dancet, Executive Director, European Chemical Agency;
  • Peter Vis, Advisor DG Move;
  • Paul Hodson, Head of Unit Energy Efficiency & Intelligent Energy, DG Energy;
  • Karin Nienstedt and Laura Fabrizi, Policy Officer Unit E4 – Pesticides and Biocides at DG SANTE;
  • Ian Duncan MEP;
  • Bendt Bendsten MEP.