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Report: The 2019 EU Budget and MFF – What does this mean for Business?


This lunchtime event saw the chamber welcome Siegfried Mureşan MEP to discuss the 2019 Budget and MFF. Mr Mureşan is the rapporteur for the 2018 EU Budget and has been very active in discussion for next year’s budget and also the Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) debates.

There are several issues when looking at the EU budget and MFF, these are both political and fiscally technical. In terms of technicalities, the EU must be able to decide where to invest, how much to invest and what to invest in. If funding is invested in inefficient and unsuccessful programmes, it can leave the EU exposed to criticisms from anti-EU figures. Despite any unused funding from member states being returned, there will still be many questions regarding the miscalculation and those who are looking to criticise the EU in member states will easily be able to do so.

The lunchtime discussion covered the issues of inefficient investment and how Parliament can tackle them, along with the amount spent in bureaucracy, which is around 6% of the annual budget. However, it is clear that Parliament wishes to reduce this and become as efficient as possible. Those calculating the budget must also take into account and potential crisis and bailouts that may be necessary. This means that each year, the budget must have enough leftover to be able to handle any unforeseen issues that may occur. An example for the use of this extra funding is related to Brexit and the Horizon 2020 programme. Both the EU and UK are committed to Horizon 2020 and wish to complete the 7 year, €80 million research and innovation programme that is due to finish at the end of the decade. However, with the no deal date closing in and Prime Minister May unable to pass a document through the House of Commons, the future of Horizon 2020 is uncertain. Furthermore, there is an increasing amount of money being invested in Brexit preparedness to ensure that the impacts a no deal could have on the EU are limited.



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Siegfried Mureșan is the European Parliament’s rapporteur for the general budget of the European Union for 2018. In May 2014, he was elected Member of the European Parliament for a five-year mandate. Before this in January 2014, he became Senior Political Advisor at the EPP. Afterwards, in January 2015, he was appointed Political Spokesman of the EPP. He joined the Headquarters of the European People’s Party (EPP) as Political Advisor for Economics and Social Policy in 2011. In 2006, he was part of the International Scholarship Programme of the German Parliament. Subsequently, he continued for three years as an Advisor to the Chairman of the Committee on European Affairs of the German Parliament, Gunther Krichbaum. Siegfried Mureșan graduated from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies’ Bachelor’s Programme in German (2004). He continued his studies with a Master in Economics and Management at Humboldt University in Berlin, which he completed in 2006.

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