Beginning Tuesday, 06 February 2018 12:00
End Tuesday, 06 February 2018 14:00
Location Boulevard Bischoffsheim 11, 1000, Brussels, Belgium
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As a follow up to the sector focused roundtables organised in 2017 collecting data from businesses for a paper put together by COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe), we are organising a round table with follow up questions from the UK government. We are inviting British Chamber members to contribute to the discussion with feedback on the potential impact of the UK exit of the EU and the level of preparedness.

 Members are invited to participate to answer the below questions for submission during the session. If you would like to give input, please do get in touch to register.

If you would like a copy of the original paper COBCOE presented to the UK government from roundtables organised around Europe, please ask the team for a copy.

 Places are limited so please do get in contact with Kelly-Ann


·      Are steps being taken in your industry to adjust to the impact of Brexit? If so, what are these steps? If not, please explain.

·      Will a transition period from March 2019 help in adapting to a new trading relationship between the EU and UK. If so how?

·        What parts of the current trading relationship between the UK and the EU are key to your supply chain/business relationships? Which of these would need to be replicated in a transition agreement? Are any of these points less important?

·         What length of transition period do you feel your business realistically requires to be ready for the UK trading outside the EU.

·      What are the costs associated with preparing for no deal? Are these impacting your investments/ productivity in other areas of the business?

·      What kind of transition is the most favourable for your business model?

·     How long should the transition last? Should the transition period last until the new relationship begins?

·     Should it build in sufficient time to allow for adaptation to the new relationship?

·     Would a transition period other than one which replicated the status quo applicable to the business environment be acceptable?

How will the lack of access to EU FTA’s during the transition period affect you? 


Deputy delegate to Council | Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the EU

Patrick Schäfer works on the Brexit team of the German Permanent Representation to the EU and is Germany’s deputy delegate to the Council working group on Brexit. He originates from the Foreign Office and was previously posted to headquarters in Berlin (2013-2017, policy planning staff), the German embassy in Kabul (2012-2013, domestic policy and protocol) and the Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels (2009-2012, EU-Asia relations). Before joining the foreign service in 2008 he studied business administration and European integration and worked and at the European Parliament and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs.

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