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Report: En Marche: What is in their Manifesto for Business?

The chamber welcomed Arthur Corbin, En Marche Benelux Leader, to hear what En Marche has planned for the next Parliament and what businesses can expect from these plans.

En Marche has committees in countries across the world, with the movement expanding rapidly. After the party won over 300 seats in the French National elections in 2017, En Marche began to think about having an impact at the European level.                                                

There was a good level of discussion through the event, and we learned that En Marche want a strong, positive impact on Europe. During the event, we heard the party’s five main aims:

1.       Building an EU ecological model

2.       Enabling each EU Citizen, the ability to educate themselves

3.       Avoiding the creation of losers in globalisation

4.       The creation of an EU Army

5.       Removing the politics out of the ‘migrant crisis’


In addition to hearing what Mr Corbin had to say, our members also benefited from his willingness to hear from business representatives on what matters to them. The discussion touched upon issues such as potential alignments in Parliament, their access to commissioners and the discussions that they are having with member states, the ecological plan and how they wish to implement this, how involved the EU is in member states’ everyday life and the ideal picture for En Marche following the election.

Following the event, we were able to get a quote from Mr Corbin about his experience at the chamber, he statedI was delighted to attend the event organised by the British Chamber on behalf of En Marche. It provided a unique forum for an open discussion with industry representatives about the challenges and opportunities of the next European elections. I am convinced that an ongoing dialogue with EU stakeholders is key to ensure that our strategy as well as our main messages are conveyed and understood”

Morten Petersen, Event Chair and Future Relation Committee Co-Chair at the British Chamber, also provided his thoughts on the event: Strikingly different from most other political groups and national leaders. A true European thinking, that to the surprise of many, attracted the French people during the presidential election. Question now is: “Will it still attract the French for the European elections in May 2019?”. The chamber will keep close to the development and we hope to meet En Marche again in spring”


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