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On Wednesday 16th September join us for a panel discussion on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).  CBDC has the potential to revolutionise the way households and businesses make payments, by increasing the speed, reliability and efficiency of payments. However, this new electronic form of central bank money also poses some challenges.

This fascinating discussion will be led by Lee Schneider General Counsel at and Jannah Patchay Director| Regulatory & Market Structure advisor at Markets Evolution. More speakers will soon be confirmed.

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Genral Counsel |

Lee A. Schneider is a financial services and technology lawyer with extensive experience in blockchain.  Lee co-hosts the Appetite for Disruption podcast with Troy Paredes and is the contributing editor for the Chambers and Partners Fintech Practice Guide.  Lee serves as General Counsel for but all views expressed are in his personal capacity and reflect only his personal views and not those of Troy, Chambers, or or its directors, officers or employees.  His views do not constitute legal, investment or any other type of advice.

Director | Regulatory & Market Structure Advisor | Markets Evolution

Jannah Patchay is the founder of Markets Evolution, a consultancy specialising in financial markets innovation, and in helping firms to define, develop and execute their commercial strategies in a highly regulated environment. Her passion lies in building the capital markets of the future, harnessing emerging technology to create new and innovative financial services and products that can promote wider social benefit and greater access to financial services. She is also a Director of the London Blockchain Foundation, and writes on regulation, financial and technology innovation for Best Execution magazine.

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