UK-EU Negotiations: View from the European Parliament with David McAllister MEP

On Tuesday 28th July we were pleased to welcome David McAllister MEP; who is the current head of the EU-Coordination group in relation to the ongoing Brexit negotiations. This webinar offered a fantastic level of insight on the present status of the negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. With the stall in talks featuring heavily in the news, the thoughts of the European Parliament are greatly important at this time. This webinar was kindly sponsored by Rud Pedersen Public Affairs.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

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COVID-19 Webinar Employer’s exit strategy: how to relaunch after the lockdown?

This webinar is organised together with our members at Claeys & Engels. Many webinars have already dealt with the role and responsibility of the employer during the COVID 19 crisis. During this webinar we will be looking at some legal HR strategies employers may need to consider relaunching after the lock-down phase. Many companies have already been thinking about this and we would like to provide you with assistance in this regard.

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Webinar: Covid-19 - Competition law and State aid implications

Our members at Linklaters are organising a webinar on the pandemic's impact on Competition law and State aid implications: To mitigate the risks of Covid-19 and ensure security of supply, companies may wish to engage in contacts and collaboration with competitors.

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Covid-19 webinar: What is happening in international trade

In collaboration with our London Chamber of Commerce friends, Join their webinar this Thursday with Peter Bishop, LCCI’s Director of Trade and Chairman of the World Chambers Certificate of Origin Group and Liam Smyth, Director of Trade at the British Chambers of Commerce.

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WEBINAR Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Innovation Conference – Worldwide Online Investment Event

In light of the current situation, we are working together with our partners to keep our members informed. On this occasion, the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, together with the British Chambers of Commerce UK, are extending their invitation to our members to their 2-day Innovation Conference: We are glad to be cooperating with Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences and GoforIsrael on the upcoming "COVID-19 Innovation Conference – Worldwide Online Investment Event" that is taking place on April 6-7, 2020.

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Quickstart your online meetings

If you want to quickly connect online with your colleagues / team or even if it's family far away, then this is the session to start with. This online session is aimed at people who are new to online meetings or still exploring ways to improve their online experience with colleagues.

Lessons Learned in South Korea – Coronavirus Response & Recovery

British Chamber of Commerce Korea's CEO, Sean Blakeley and his colleagues Daniel Fertig, PWC and Tomás Centeno, Dyson will share first-hand accounts of how Korea reacted to the virus and reveal data on how it affected businesses across the country. They will also share examples of measures taken by businesses to protect employees, customers and business continuity.

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