Brexit Q&A with Chris White | Managing Director Public Affairs, Newington Communications

Join us for an informal Q&A session on all things Brexit with Chris White, Managing Director of Public Affairs at Newington Communications, and former Conservative government special adviser. Chris has made a number of appearances on BBC News in recent weeks to discuss potential outcomes from events in parliament, the possibility of a snap general election, and David Cameron's new book.

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Trade and Australia’s relationship with the EU with Ambassador Justin Brown

Australia trades approximately 15% of its goods with the EU, with the biggest exports being gold, coal and oil seeds. In return, it imports motor vehicles, medical tools and pharmaceuticals. In 2016, total trading between the two totalled nearly $70 billion.

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POSTPONED: How Does Argentina Interact with the EU? with Ambassador Marcelo Cima

This event has been postponed, we will come back to you shortly with a new date.Chief of Mission, Ambassador Marcelo Cima will be speaking to the chamber about how 3rd countries interact and negotiate with the EU, alongside discussing where the EU and Argentina are most connected and if there are areas where Argentina are seeking to become more engaged with Europe.

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Britcham's Open Fora

Patron members and Full members, you are welcome to join us at the chamber on Thursday 19th September to discuss various topical issues within the frame work of our Open Fora. This is the first time that such members have been invited to join the discussion!

Brussels New Generation Autumn Networking Cocktail

Our Brussels New Generation Cocktail is back for an autumnal edition!Come and shake your "la rentrée" blues with us at Wine Tales and enjoy an evening of networking with other young professionals in Brussels.Join us from 18:30, and receive a free pintxo for every drink over €4! 

How Company Taxation Will Change in the Next Decade

We were delighted to welcome Mr Bert Zuijdendorp, Head of Unit Company Taxation Initiatives at the European Commission. The event was a huge success and generated an excellent discussion on a range of topics such as digital taxation, the push for a global consensus on corporate taxation reform, and the priorities of the incoming European Commission in this area.

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Chemical Priorities of DG ENVI

We were pleased to welcome Cristina de Avila, Head of the Sustainable Chemical Unit| DG ENVI. A wide variety of topics surrounding the EU chemical regulatory framework currently in place aimed at reducing hazardous chemicals on the market were discussed, focusing on the implementation of REACH and CLP. The presentation also covered the challenges faced by these regulatory frameworks and how DG ENVI intends on tackling them.

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What’s Really Happening in Manufacturing – Behind the Brexit Headlines

Britain is one of the world's biggest manufacturing nations and a key part of the sector in Europe, especially with its highly integrated supply chains. Almost 3 million people work in the sector and deliver almost half of all UK exports. These companies drive over 60 percent of all UK research and development. As a result of that investment, UK manufacturing as we know it is changing, adapting, and transforming each and every day. 

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How can Blockchain Change the Future?

We were pleased to welcome Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit Digital Innovation and Blockchain | DG CONNECT, Susi Förschler, Associate | DWF Germany, and Thomas Dünser,Director of the Office for Financial Market Innovation | Liechtenstein Mission to the EU to this lunchtime event.

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Northern Ireland, a success story in an evolving Europe - A business networking lunch

At a time when the spotlight is on Northern Ireland, Alastair Hamilton, CEO Invest Northern Ireland will speak about the evolving and successful economic development of Northern Ireland; what has been achieved and what is yet to come.  Northern Ireland has come a long way; from a past of conflict to a present of peace and world class business and looking forward to a bright future.Why attend?

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