Training | Brexit, Political Risks and their Impact on Business

Business risks caused by political events have traditionally been a concern for companies investing in emerging markets. In the last few years political risks have also become a reality in advanced economies: unexpected results at the ballot box, international economic sanctions and new barriers to trade (to name a few) impact the environment in which businesses operate and can sometimes directly threaten their operations.

Roundtable: Impact of Brexit on Customs and Trade with Bruegel

It now seems likely that the UK's withdrawal from the EU will include leaving the Customs Union, with a view to trading on the basis of a free trade agreement with the EU. The access of European businesses to the EU and UK markets, participating in trading mechanisms, trading and providing services across Europe under compatible and equivalent conditions, so as to maintain free and fair economic relations are all subject to change in the negotiations

Brexit for Associations - Post Triggering

The Association Leadership Academy and the Federation of International Associations in Belgium (FAIB) are pleased to invite you to the jointly hosted special info-debate on “Brexit for Associations”. Please follow this link to their blog for full details.

Roundtable: Impact of Brexit on the Life Sciences sector

As the United Kingdom moves towards initiating the Article 50 procedure the implications of the country's departure from the EU for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries could be substantial. Among the most pressing issues are:

Beyond Brexit: Opportunities for Belgian Entrepreneurs

Register here The British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium is delighted to invite you to attend an exclusive lunch event organised by Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (BECI) on the topic of Brexit and its effects on Belgium and Brussels.

Employing EEA and non-EEA nationals in Belgium: What do I need to consider? What could be applicable to British citizens post-Brexit?

The rules to employ EEA nationals vs non-EEA nationals in Belgium are substantially different. The formalities for self-employed persons in Belgium vary also depending whether or not you are an EEA national. Although it is yet too early to know if Brexit would imply more immigration restrictions for UK nationals, during this session our panel of experts will address the issues to consider when employing EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals in Belgium. Topics that will be addressed include:

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Panel Debate: The effects of Brexit on business relations between Germany and the UK

At this panel debate co-hosted by the British Chamber and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we look at the trading relationship between the key markets of Germany and the UK and how this might change as the UK begins to scope out what kind of agreements can be made post-Article 50. We aim to discover what problems will businesses face in the next few years and what impact will this have on the trading relationship between businesses across different sectors.

This event is held under Chatham House rule