Brexit Ambition Roundtable February 2018

As a follow up to the sector focused roundtables organised in 2017 collecting data from businesses for a paper put together by COBCOE (Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe), we are organising a round table with follow up questions from the UK government.

Patron Dinner: EU Budget after Brexit

Siegfried Muresan is the European Parliament’s rapporteur for the general budget of the European Union for 2018. As Vice Chair of the Committee on Budgets and Substitute Member in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs MEP Muresan has expert insight into what the threats and opportunities for the future of the EU budget are. Brexit remains a pertinent topic in relation to the EU budget. The Multi-Annual Financial Framework of 2014-2020 requires the UK to keep its share of commitments to the EU budget until the year 2020.

Brexit & Scotland Briefing with David Mundell, UK Secretary of State for Scotland

David Mundell, the UK Secretary of State for Scotland will give a briefing on the topic of Brexit & Scotland. Places are very limited.One representative per company on a first come first serve basis. RSVP to Uzma Lodhi at uzma@britishchamber.euRegistration for this event is now closed. 

This event is held under Chatham House rule

Politics and Economics Collide: the threats and opportunities from Trump and Brexit

The global economy looks to be gaining increasing momentum with Europe and Asia now adding to what is already a positive growth story in the US. Consequently, central banks are increasingly thinking it is time to respond and unwind some of the unprecedented monetary stimulus, but there is uncertainty over how fast and how far they should go. Political risk also remains high. Referendums, elections, a potential US government shutdown and Brexit suggest nothing can be taken for granted. 

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Brexit and Beyond – Briefing by Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce, London

During this Brexit briefing, Dr Adam Marshall will discuss what matters most to British business and what can Britain and Europe achieve in the future.The UK business community “wants a transition agreed in principle and trade talks under way by the end of 2017. If there is not that clarity, we will start to see the activation of contingency plans and likely significant impact on business investment”, says Dr Marshall. 

Brexit and the WTO: implications for EU and UK trade policy and international trade

We have reached capacity for this event. We don't accept registration for this event. Hume Brophy senior consultant on trade, Stuart Harbinson, will discuss the implications and challenges of Brexit for the UK and the EU as they relate to the World Trade Organization (WTO). This breakfast seminar will delve into issues such as the disentanglement of post-Brexit WTO schedules, including tariff rate quotas and services commitments, what ‘falling back on WTO terms’ could really mean for UK companies, as well as the future of the international trade landscape after Brexit.

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The UK Transitional Agreement – A dose of reality

What does a two or three-year transitional arrangement look like for the UK, for Europe, for businesses? What are the different options available and why is it important to have one created? What will businesses face during the transitional stage?

How will Brexit impact your tax bill? Some reflections on the Belgian direct tax consequences and the way to restructure your business going forward.

In this seminar we will speak about the corporate tax impact of the UK leaving the EU. A hard Brexit will implicate that a number of directives and treaties will no longer be applicable, urging companies to assess their future tax positions and applicable tax provisions in the new UK-Belgian relationship. Also in a number of other Brexit scenarios, the impact can be substantial.Topics that will be addressed include:

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