Employing EEA and non-EEA nationals in Belgium: What do I need to consider? What could be applicable to British citizens post-Brexit?

The rules to employ EEA nationals vs non-EEA nationals in Belgium are substantially different. The formalities for self-employed persons in Belgium vary also depending whether or not you are an EEA national. Although it is yet too early to know if Brexit would imply more immigration restrictions for UK nationals, during this session our panel of experts will address the issues to consider when employing EEA nationals and non-EEA nationals in Belgium. Topics that will be addressed include:

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Panel Debate: The effects of Brexit on business relations between Germany and the UK

At this panel debate co-hosted by the British Chamber and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we look at the trading relationship between the key markets of Germany and the UK and how this might change as the UK begins to scope out what kind of agreements can be made post-Article 50. We aim to discover what problems will businesses face in the next few years and what impact will this have on the trading relationship between businesses across different sectors.

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Trump and Brexit: A long shadow over Europe?

Even if Hillary Clinton wins the US Presidential Election, the political revolution that spawned support for Donald Trump is not dead and the political and economic environment in the US may be changing for ever.  But how will it change? How will it impact Europe? And what is our economic outlook? 

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The British Chamber's 2016 London Delegation - Making Brexit Work

Register now for the British Chamber's 2nd annual London Visit, organised in partnership with Interel. Stretching over two full days, the visit is a unique opportunity to meet influencers and decision makers in London and UK business, policy and academia.

Brexit. Les risques et les opportunités d'un point de vue gouvernemental et commercial

Le 23 juin, le peuple britannique votait sa sortie de l'Union européenne et le premier ministre, David Cameron, démissionnait de ses fonctions le jour suivant.Quatre mois plus tard, avec un nouveau gouvernement et un nouveau Premier Ministre, quelles en sont le implications pour le Royaume-Uni et la Belgique?L'Ambassadeur de Grande-Bretagne et le Président de la Chambre de Commerce britannique en Belgique en discuteront avec vous lors de ce débat et répondront aux questions que vous vous posez à propos de l'avenir des relations anglo-belges.

Brexit's Impact on Belgium

Brexit's impact on BelgiumModerated by former CNN bureau chief & correspondent Patricia KellyPanellists TBCThursday, November 10 at 19:00St. John's International SchoolWaterloo, Belgiumwww.stjohns.beSupported by:The British Chamber of Commerce in BelgiumThe Brussels Times

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Post Brexit : Will there be a realignment of British Politics?

Only a few months after the Brexit shock, the British politics have already started a long generational realignment. After the appointment of Theresay May as Prime Minister, tensions are very high regarding the Labour leadership. No matter what the result will be, Brexit has definitely divided the British into two divided camps. 

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Non-Tariff Barriers in Services Roundtable

Brexit Access to EU Service Markets: The Practical Issues   Services represent 80% of the EU economy.  While trade in goods has the WTO tariffs as a tried and tested worst case position, services has no such safety blanket.  The World Trade “GATS” services framework is underdeveloped and relies on patchy market access commitments. 

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POSTPONED - Brexit Training

As we wait for Article 50 to be triggered, members and business representatives need to have a clear indication of what to expect. On Wednesday 5th October, the British Chamber has put together a programme that takes each element of what to expect and how to prepare as a business.