Annual General Meeting 2018

The 108th Annual General meeting will present the results of the Presidential elections of the British Chamber. Following the changes in the articles of association, members will also be given the opportunity to vote for a new Council to be put into place.Annual financial statements will also be presented.

Why it is important to invest sustainably with good returns

The ever changing nature of the world today, from the global demographic to the climate is creating a new wave of challenges. The development in health and science is leading to a higher life expectancy, which is producing a growing middle class eager to consume. This growth of consumers is pressuring the worlds natural resources. This is leading to a positive evolution of our sources of energy, however it is also leading  to the rise of global warming and the severe damage to the planet.

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Practical advice on GDPR for companies and other organisations

Partner Tim Hickman from White & Case London will discuss the upcoming implementation of GDPR, and what your company needs to do right away to be prepared. The seminar will incorporate your Q&As and be followed by a networking session.

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Welsh Cyber Trade Mission to Brussels

The Welsh Government, with support from the Department of International Trade, is organising a Welsh Cyber Trade Mission to Brussels.  Throughout the day, there will be several networking opportunities that will allow you to be introduced to diverse Welsh Cyber companies and their solutions that may be of interest.

Politics and Economics Collide: the threats and opportunities from Trump and Brexit

The global economy looks to be gaining increasing momentum with Europe and Asia now adding to what is already a positive growth story in the US. Consequently, central banks are increasingly thinking it is time to respond and unwind some of the unprecedented monetary stimulus, but there is uncertainty over how fast and how far they should go. Political risk also remains high. Referendums, elections, a potential US government shutdown and Brexit suggest nothing can be taken for granted. 

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