The changing dynamics of Parliament: A view from Klaus Welle

We know you’ve closely followed the European Elections and analysing its impact on EU policy in the next mandate. We have invited Mr. Klaus Welle, who has been Secretary General of the European Parliament for the last ten years, to share with you an overview of his tenure and reflect on the evolution of the European Parliament’s role and impact.Here are some of the questions that this event will look to answer:• What were the key takeaways from the 8th parliamentary term and what challenges lie ahead?

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Transport Sector Priorities of the Finnish Presidency

If you are a regular member or a non-member and you would like to attend, please contact Finland's Presidency of the Council of the EU will start on the 1st of July, we thought it would be timely to hear their priorities and what they are aiming to achieve in terms of EU transport policy.

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The Role of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board in Delivering Better EU Regulation

Veronica Gaffey, Chair of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board, will reflect on the activities and performances of the Board over the past year at this lunch briefing. She will also present the current state of affairs and discuss what the future holds for the Board, as well as the major challenges that they face.

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Annual General Meeting 2019

The 109th Annual General meeting will see us confirm our new President, new EU Committee Chair and new council members. We'll also update members on major new developments in our work, and even more new opportunities for members to get involved. 

How the EU Elections' Results Will Shape the Next 5 Years

The results of these European elections have the potential to completely reshape the EU - impacting domestic, European and global politics.  We know our members have been following the campaigns and predictions closely in the lead up to the election. Join us to hear what the experts think about the results and what conclusions can be drawn from them.

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FTA Negotiations and WTO Global Initiatives

Christophe Kiener, Head of the Services Unit in DG TRADE at the European Commission, will give an update on the current state of the FTA negotiations and WTO initiatives. He will also address the Commission's strategy to promote trade in services in FTAs, as well as the topical issues of the WTO eCommerce agenda, WTO reform, data flows and domestic regulation. Please note that this is an EU Committee briefing. You will have 20 minutes networking time at the beginning of the event.

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The future of the WTO and multilateral trade, and what next for EU bilateral agreements with Maria Åsenius, Head of Cabinet to Commissioner Malmström

Mrs. Maria Åsenius, Head of Cabinet to EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, will discuss the future of the WTO and multilateral trade at this Patron dinner. She will also tackle the topical issues of EU bilateral agreements and what is to be expected in the future.To register, please email Soren.

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