European Champions and the Growing Power of Chinese Companies: In Search of a Level-Playing Field

The historical decision by Commissioner Vestager to block the merger of Siemens and Alstom, which would have created a "European industrial Champion", has raised different questions over, on the one hand, the necessity to have strong European industrial forces to compete with China, and on the other hand, the need to protect the European's market and consumers.

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Reviewing the EU’s Investment and Growth Policy with Florentine Hopmeier, Member of Katainen's Cabinet

Florentine Hopmeier, member of European Commission Vice-President Katainen’s Cabinet, will discuss the EU’s Investment and Growth Policy at this EU Committee breakfast  briefing. Ms Hopmeier will share her valuable insight on the Investment Plan for Europe and will reflect on both the EU policies’ and the financial sector’s role in enabling investment and stimulating growth.

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A Deep Dive into Parliamentary Processes with British MEPs

This EU Committee event will see the chamber welcome a number of British MEPs from a variety of parties to discuss the European Parliament.The discussion will be split into three parts:

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Data Flows: The Legal and Practical Realities in a Changing Europe

The use of data and data movement is becoming an increasingly important topic, particularly considering the UK’s departure from the EU. The free flow of data is vital to companies across the globe and with the EU establishing new trade deals with countries such as Japan, governments must ensure that consumers stay protected, however the necessary information must still be able to move across borders. This event will address some of the big data questions such as:

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Antitrust in Pharma: Current Cases, Recent Enforcement Practices

You will have 20 minutes networking time at the beginning of the event. Mr Boris Andrejas, Case Handler in the "Antitrust: Pharma and Health Services" Unit in DG COMP at the European Commission, will give an update on the latest policy developments in Pharma as well as the current enforcement trends.

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