EU Single Market Strategy: What’s next for the EU and how will the next 5 years be different? With Kristian Hedberg, Deputy-Head of Commissioner Bieńkowska's Cabinet

We are pleased to welcome Mr Kristian Hedberg, Deputy-Head of Commissioner Bieńkowska's Cabinet, at this Patron Lunch. Mr Hedberg will provide a speech on the Single Market Strategy and reflect on the prospect for progress for the next Commission.After delivering a short keynote speech, Mr Hedberg will take part in an extended Q&A session.

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The Future of EU Industrial Emissions and the Implementation of the IED

The growing worry over industrial sectors’ impact on the environment and our health has led the EU to put regulations in place to reduce the impact of industrial emissions. Directives such as the IED aim to protect human health from pollution by reducing industrial emissions throughout the EU.

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Connect with the EP for Young Professionals

Brussels New Generation is organising two half-days of training to help you develop or perfect the knowledge and skills necessary to work effectively with the European Parliament, and enjoy opportunities to build your network with policy makers as well as public affairs experts. 

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What’s Next for EU Road Transport Policy?

We are pleased to welcome Mr Alexandre Paquot, Head of the Road Transport Unit at DG CLIMA in the European Commission, at this breakfast briefing. Mr Paquot will discuss where things currently stand in terms of EU road transport as well as what the future holds and the unit's next steps.

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Trade and Australia’s relationship with the EU with Ambassador Justin Brown

Australia trades approximately 15% of its goods with the EU, with the biggest exports being gold, coal and oil seeds. In return, it imports motor vehicles, medical tools and pharmaceuticals. In 2016, total trading between the two totalled nearly $70 billion.

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POSTPONED: How Does Argentina Interact with the EU? with Ambassador Marcelo Cima

This event has been postponed, we will come back to you shortly with a new date.Chief of Mission, Ambassador Marcelo Cima will be speaking to the chamber about how 3rd countries interact and negotiate with the EU, alongside discussing where the EU and Argentina are most connected and if there are areas where Argentina are seeking to become more engaged with Europe.

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Britcham's Open Fora

Patron members and Full members, you are welcome to join us at the chamber on Thursday 19th September to discuss various topical issues within the frame work of our Open Fora. This is the first time that such members have been invited to join the discussion!

How Company Taxation Will Change in the Next Decade

We were delighted to welcome Mr Bert Zuijdendorp, Head of Unit Company Taxation Initiatives at the European Commission. The event was a huge success and generated an excellent discussion on a range of topics such as digital taxation, the push for a global consensus on corporate taxation reform, and the priorities of the incoming European Commission in this area.

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