(NEW DATE) - Green Deal Series: Circular Economy Plan- the Key to Sustainability

With the Circular Economy Plan being launched at the beginning of March, we are pleased to welcome William Neale Adviser to the Director of the Circular Economy & Green Growth at DG ENV. This lunch briefing will focus on a variety of topics surrounding the vital transformation of the European Economy. Particularly looking at the crucial role played by this Plan in the successful implementation of the Green Deal through the consideration of the whole cycle of products from production and consumption to waste management.

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(Webinar) Green Deal Series: Europe's Biodiversity Strategy

On Wednesday 17th June we were pleased to welcome Humberto Delgado Rosa Director for Natural Capital at DG ENV |EU Commission. During this webinar Mr Rosa led a fascinating discussion on Europe’s Biodiversity Strategy, previously released in May 2020. This is one of the most ambitious biodiversity strategy not just in the EU but also worldwide.

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NEW DATE- Green Deal Series: The Implementation of the ETS and EU Maritime Policy (Webinar)

We were pleased to welcome Beatriz Yordi, Director of European and International Carbon Markets at DG CLIMA | European Commission. The presentation touched on various topics surrounding the EU Emissions Trading System, along with the European Green Deal and the role of shipping. This webinar was kindly sponsored by Rud Pedersen.

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Innovation: Will Europe Ever Catch-up?

Europe’s place in the digital global economy appears to be at a crossroads – as innovation accelerates both East and West of the bloc, EU policymakers are racing not only against this development, but against the pace at which digital norms and standards are being set. In addition to potential lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, where does this leave the European Commission’s ambition for achieving “technological sovereignty”?

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COVID-19 Webinar Employer’s exit strategy: how to relaunch after the lockdown?

This webinar is organised together with our members at Claeys & Engels. Many webinars have already dealt with the role and responsibility of the employer during the COVID 19 crisis. During this webinar we will be looking at some legal HR strategies employers may need to consider relaunching after the lock-down phase. Many companies have already been thinking about this and we would like to provide you with assistance in this regard.

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(Webinar) Regulating AI: Has the future become the present?

On Wednesday 22nd April it was a pleasure to welcome Mr Kilian Gross, Head of Unit Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry at DG CONNECT, to join us online for the EU Committee’s first ever webinar.

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Webinar: Covid-19 - Competition law and State aid implications

Our members at Linklaters are organising a webinar on the pandemic's impact on Competition law and State aid implications: To mitigate the risks of Covid-19 and ensure security of supply, companies may wish to engage in contacts and collaboration with competitors.

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