Training | Brexit, Political Risks and their Impact on Business

Business risks caused by political events have traditionally been a concern for companies investing in emerging markets. In the last few years political risks have also become a reality in advanced economies: unexpected results at the ballot box, international economic sanctions and new barriers to trade (to name a few) impact the environment in which businesses operate and can sometimes directly threaten their operations.

Training | Public Speaking

Learn how to put your ideas across in a powerful, effective and engaging way. The training will revisit the principles of successful public speaking and build on your existing skills and natural communications style. Video recording and playback will be used to enable you to see and hear yourself in action. With Beverley Robinson from RobinsonHenry.

Training | Finding your data and making better decisions

Nowadays data surrounds us. From (social) media to our own company systems, almost everything we do leaves a data-print. Still, very few companies succeed in tapping into this datastream and leverage it to improve their decision making. In this training we will go over the advantages of making decisions backed up by data, the common reasons why we fail to do so, and show you hands-on how you can start using your data in an easy and convenient way using available tools.What you will learn:

Training I Impactful Presentation Skills

Presentations can take up a lot of your time and that of your audience as well. So it is absolutely essential that you can deliver a presentation with real impact with messages that capture and maintain an audience’s attention. With the correct messaging techniques you do not need 30 minutes and 30 PowerPoint slides to have your desired effect. You will walk away from this session with very practical skills that you can implement directly.  

Training: Managing & Developing Young Talents

This training session will focus on best practices for supervisors and on how to maximize the intern or young employee’s motivation, productivity & learning curve. The session will be interactive, drawing on experiences of participants. A wide range of questions will be covered including how to manage generation Y & Z (digital natives) and how to lead & structure a feedback/evaluation session.

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Training I Leading People Effectively Through Change

An interactive session to explore the phases people go through during change and how a leader can engage with people during each of these phases. The work of Prof Sharon Turnbull’s Typologies is used to identify our own and others’ responses in delivering the change and removing the barriers. An insightful session to understand how you can lead people through the change process more effectively.

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EU 101

On June 14th, the British Chamber will organise its EU 101 event in Brussels. During this intensive training day, members will get an insight into the EU decision-making process and how its main institutions work (European Commission, European Parliament, and European Council). Attendees will also get the opportunity to learn some knowledge and skills to interact with the EU policy makers through a practical approach.

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Training I Hacking Twitter and LinkedIn for EU Public Affairs

Social platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn were initially built for marketers and job-seekers, but have since evolved into content-rich, strategic communications channels essential to reaching EU policy audiences. In this session, you’ll learn to avoid the trappings of vanity metrics such as followers and likes and use these platforms to tackle real policy and communications objectives in the context of your EU public affairs strategy.   What we’ll cover:

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Training I Leadership Styles

Leadership research has developed extensively over the last twenty years - how up to date are you? Can you talk about your leadership style (and your boss’s) in ways that help your team to succeed? There are many different ways to lead successfully - want to know more?Each training has limited seats available to ensure an impactful learning outcome for each participant.

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