Anna Thomlinson

iciN/A, Start it @KBC

Anna Thomlinson spent 6 years working in the London startup scene before moving to Belgium in the summer of 2017 to join Belgium's largest programme for high growth businesses, Start it @KBC. In 2015 Anna joined MassChallenge as it was establishing its UK location and as Programme Manager she helped over 200 high growth startups accelerate their business. Following this she opened Allia's London location of their accelerator, before joining Start it as Head of Community and International Partnerships. She started her career working with startups in University College London's department for supporting entrepreneurs. She then went on to help set up the Start Up Loans scheme - the company was set up in 2012 in such a way that it needed to hit growth fast to lend government funding to startups and help boost economic growth after 2008; it has now funded over 50,000 startups. Having worked in an international accelerator, Anna's network in the startup ecosystem is truly global, and she remains sector agnostic but specialises in the idea to 'go-to-market' stages of growing a business, supporting businesses on structuring their business models, marketing and sales plans, and through fundraising.

Speaking at:

Lunch&Learn on Innovative Entrepreneurship with Anna Thomlinson
Thursday, 24 May 2018 12:00