Christian D'Cunha

European Commission

Christian is the head of the Private Office of the European Data Protection Supervisor. He advises the EDPS and Assistant EDPS on legal and policy developments in the EU as well as providing support on strategic planning and communications. He has led the EDPS project on strengthening the links between the enforcement of privacy, competition and consumer law in the digital economy and society, including the setting up the Digital Clearinghouse to bring together regulators to discuss cross-cutting issues like big data mergers and unfair terms, pricing and discrimination online. He has been responsible for EDPS opinions on a range of issues, including digital ethics and the reform of the data protection framework. Previously in the European Commission, Christian drafted and negotiated the EU’s first internal security strategy and carried out the evaluation and the review of the data retention directive. Before moving to Brussels in 2008, Christian advised the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales on senior judicial appointments, succession planning and constitutional reform matters. In the UK Ministry of Justice, he was project manager of the implementation of a new system for handing complaints and disciplinary matters in the judiciary. Prior to this, for several years he was private secretary to the Chairman of the Labour Party and to the Leader of the House of Lords.

Speaking at:

The Implementation of the GDPR
Monday, 26 February 2018 12:30