Ugo Bassi

European Commission

Ugo Bassi is Director of Financial Markets, in the European Commission's DG FISMA. Among other high priority files; he manages Capital Markets Union (CMU), a key priority and catalyst for further financial integration in Europe. In addition, he deals with specific financial markets legislation including MifiD/R (Directive and Regulation on Financial Instruments); EMIR (Regulation on Derivatives); CCPs (recovery and resolution); MAD/R (Market Abuse Directive and Regulation); Asset Management including AIFMD, UCITS and EUVECA. From 2012 onwards, Ugo Bassi worked as Director, in charge of coordination of legal matters and economic analysis within DG FISMA. He also managed specific topics such as the Accounting Directive and related issues, Company Reporting, Audit and Credit rating agencies. Moreover, he has worked to eliminate barriers to capital flows as well as enforcement of all financial services legislation. Between 2006 and 2012, he has held various management positions and was involved in negotiations on some key files in response to the financial crisis, prior to which he worked in public procurement, including the successful adoption of the Defence Procurement Directive. A lawyer by profession, Ugo Bassi worked as "referendaire" in the Court of Justice before joining the European Commission and he has worked in private sector law firms before taking up service within the European Institutions.

Speaking at:

Mid-term review of the Capital Markets Union with Ugo Bassi, Director, Dir C Financial Markets, DG FISMA
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 12:30