10 years on – Lessons from the Banking Union for future financial regulation with Gunnar Hökmark, MEP

Gunnar Hökmark, a leading figure in the ECON Committee, will share his experience and insights as well as his reflections on the past years of prudential regulation in the EU from a policymakers’perspective. Navigating the interplay of global rules, Brussels politics, intergovernmental as well as inter-institutional politics in trilogues has been and still is a major challenge for everybody involved.

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Brussels New Generation January Cocktail

Celebrate reaching the end of January with us at Wine Tales, because the 29th is the official end of Dry January right?! Enjoy an evening of networking and socialising with other young professionals in Brussels, whilst sampling a glass (or two!) of what Wine Tales has to offer.Brussels New Generation events are aimed at young professionals aged 35 and under. 

The Border in the Case of a No Deal

The issue of customs and the movement of goods between the UK and the EU is one of the major issues surrounding the prospect of No Deal.This discussion will cover how a No Deal Brexit will impact trade, supply chains and border checks.Please note, there are limited seats for this panel debate and only one person per company may attend. There will be 30 minutes of networking before the event starts.

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TEDx-style seminar: Boost your public speaking skills!

Everybody can be good at public speaking but most don’t know where to start. What is it that makes the TEDx talks so effective? Come and find out how you too can be a great speaker. TEDx organiser, curator and speaking coach, Dirk Daenen will give you the overview and guidance to improving your own public speaking skills. 

The changing dynamics of Council: a view from an insider

Please note that this is an EU Committee briefing. You will have 20 minutes networking time at the beginning of the event. Gian Marco Currado, Counsellor at the UK Permanent Representation will share his reflections on the evolution of the Council of the European Union over the last fifteen years, including changes in the way Council works, the role of Perm Reps and national ministries and the interface between Council and the other EU institutions.

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The UK and the EEA - Is There a Future Together?

The idea of the UK joining the EEA and EFTA has been put forward as one option for their future relationship with the EU.  What does this mean in practice?  

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The Sustainable and Circular Bioeconomy Strategy: What does it mean for Europe?

You will have 20 minutes networking time at the beginning of the event. We are pleased to host Waldemar Kütt, Head of Unit "Bioeconomy Strategy" in the Bioeconomy Directorate of DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission, at this lunch briefing to speak about the new bioeconomy strategy of the European Commission.

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Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: workforce transitions in an age of automation’ McKinsey Global Institute report 2017

The British School of Brussels (BSB), is hosting an Expert Panel discussion that will address this topical and important subject. It will be targeted at the future workforce (16 – 18 year olds), who will be hugely impacted by these changes. We will consider how the workforce will change in the future, the skills and knowledge the next generation will need for a successful career and which industries and/or jobs are most likely to be affected and how. The role of education and how it needs to embrace this change will also be discussed.

In partnership with

The EU, Third Countries and Brexit - Managing Secure Data Flows Across Borders

How can businesses ensure that the data flows between the UK and the EU will continue after Brexit – no matter what the outcome of the negotiations is?   What are the challenges coming from the Court of Justice to the data flows between the EU and third countries?

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