Online: Virtual Meeting Virtuoso: So engaging, they’ll stop multi-tasking, stay focused and love you for it - 2 sessions

Virtual is the new normal in the time of covid-19. Keeping participants engaged and focused during on-line meetings can be a challenge. Leading and contributing to virtual meetings requires specific skills, reflexes and behaviours, as well as a whole new mindset. How do you keep people engaged and participatory? How do you share your genius without monopolizing the conversation – or being spoken over? How do you show-up professionally in the ‘virtual’ world when all they can see is your face on the screen (if you’re even using video). How do you get results and follow-through after the meeting’s over? These are some of the questions you’ll get answers to during this two-part training.

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The Future of EU-US Trade Relations

The EU and US have the largest bilateral and investment relationship in the world. Investment and trade plays a crucial role in fostering the transatlantic relationship and contributing to economic growth.

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In Conversation with... Gordon Brown

We are delighted to present world-renowned political leader Gordon Brown, former British Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Leader of the Labour Party, in conversation with Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC.

BritCham's Open Fora

On Thursday 29th October we will be holding our Open Fora online and we want to hear from you!

Countdown to Change Part 3: 50 Days to Go: Chamber Customs Series

As we count down to the end of the EU Transition period, the British Chambers of Commerce presents four topical and interactive webinars, designed to help businesses get ready for the end of the EU transition period. They will be full of practical information and advice on what businesses need to do now in order to be prepared for the changes on 1 January 2021. They will also guide businesses through the jargon and complexities of Customs processes to ensure they understand what change is required.

Green Deal Series: The Green Deal and Competition Law

With the Green Deal at the heart of the European Commission, it is apparent that competition law should become part of the solution and play a role in mitigating the impact of the current climate crisis.

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Online: Being the Expert: How to write Opinion and Analysis

The news media need experts. People with experience and expertise in a given field who can explain to readers what the relevance, impact and consequence of an event, policy, or proposal will be. Ideally they provide a unique analysis on the issue - and a viewpoint that challenges, enlightens or entertains. This course prepares you to become that expert and to deliver the op-ed, opinion and analysis articles that newspapers, magazines and websites want. Being a published expert brings kudos, enhances the reputation of your business or sector and catches the eye of customers and clients.

Digitalising Education: The role of business in developing future skills

The skills and capabilities of the next generation will be determined by the education policies that are put in place today. The British Chamber welcomes the actions bein taken by both the European Commission and European Pariament to increase the role of digital skills in education, and invites you to hear from Ms Antoaneta Angelova-Krasteva, Director at DG EAC, to discuss further their plans and ambitions.

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Recovery Plan: State Aid

Join us for this event with Koen Van De Casteele to discuss the Recovery Plan: State Aid, followed by a session of Q&A .

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Becoming a Confident Speaker (In person or Online)

Public speaking strikes fear into the hearts of most people and yet most of us, either at work or socially, are asked to stand and present to an audience. Everybody can be good at public speaking, but most don’t know where to start to improve.

Green Deal Series: Europe's Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility

On Thursday the 28th of January we are delighted to welcome Maja Bakran Deputy Director-General ad DG MOVE to discuss Europe's Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility. The Green Deal has ambitious environmental targets which includes a 90% reduction in transport related greenhouse gas emission by the year 2050.

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