NEW DATE - What's in store for Connected Mobility in Europe?

We are excitedly looking forward to hosting Mr Henrik Hololei, Director-General DG MOVE, in March 2020.Mr Hololei will be discussing his plans to revolutionise and improve connected mobility technology across Europe.

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The Future of EU Fintech Policy

We are pleased to welcome Jan Ceyssens, Head of Unit at DG FISMA, for a preview of the Commission's plan for Fintech regulation and what this means for businesses. This EU Committee Briefing will also discuss the role played by Fintech in creating a European Digital single market.

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BNG Networking Cocktail for Young Professionals

Once again we will be returning to Wine Tales to host the next Brussels New Generation Networking Cocktail for Young Professionals in March. Join us from 18:30 onwards for an evening of fun, whist networking and socialising with other young professionals in Brussels!

Green Deal Series: Farm to Fork Strategy - what can we expect?

Join us on Thursday 11th March to participate in a fascinating discussion on what wecan expect from President von der Leyen's highly anticipated Farm to Fork Strategy. Leading the discussion will be Sabine Juelicher, Director of Food and Feed Safety, Innovation at DG SANTE.

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Find your Presence in the Meeting Room: make interventions and share your genius with confidence

Meetings can often be dominated by powerful personalities that leave quieter-types silent. Yet group science tells us that the best outcomes come from meetings where each participant contributes: regardless of experience, education or seniority. Making interventions in meetings can be a daunting prospect: structuring your thoughts, finding your confidence and knowing how to interrupt are skills anyone can learn. This fun, relaxed and engaging workshop will show you how.

TED-Style Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking strikes fear into the hearts of most people and yet most of us, either at work or socially, are asked to stand and present to an audience. Everybody can be good at public speaking, but most don’t know where to start to improve. This workshop uses the TEDTalk approach to becoming a better presenter. Come and find your voice, learn to own your stage and increase the pleasure of public speaking.

Regulating AI: Has the future become the present?

We are delighted to welcome Mr Kilian Gross (Head of Unit Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry at DG CONNECT) to the Chamber for this event over breakfast on Thursday 19th March. Mr Gross will discuss the rapidly evolving industry of Artificial Intelligence, as well as how the Commission plans to regulate this growth without stifling innovation and creativity.

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Green Deal Series: Circular Economy Plan- the Key to Sustainability

With the Circular Economy Plan being launched at the beginning of March, we are pleased to welcome William Neale Adviser to the Director of the Circular Economy & Green Growth at DG ENV. This lunch briefing will focus on a variety of topics surrounding the vital transformation of the European Economy. Particularly looking at the crucial role played by this Plan in the successful implementation of the Green Deal through the consideration of the whole cycle of products from production and consumption to waste management.

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Comedy Night for Young Professionals

Do not miss BNG’s first ever Comedy Night! We are presenting Young Professionals in Brussels with the opportunity to network whilst having a great laugh at the same time!

Green Deal Series: The Implementation of the ETS and EU Maritime Policy

Join us on Wednesday 25th March to take part in a brilliant discussion on the Green Deal's goal of reducing emissions through the implementation of the ETS. This lunch briefing will focus on EU Maritime Policy. This discussion will be lead by Beatriz Yordi Director of European & International Carbon Markets.

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Sustainable & Responsible Investing (SRI) Panel Discussion

A panel discussion addressing: How the regulator formulates the rules. How and by whom these rules may be influenced. The practical implications on businesses. The characteristics that an investor might need to understand when selecting a Sustainable and Responsible Investment. Organised by The Fry Group

The Future of EU-US Trade Relations

The EU and US have the largest bilateral and investment relationship in the world. Investment and trade plays a crucial role in fostering the transatlantic relationship and contributing to economic growth.

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Priorities of DG CONNECT

Join us on Tuesday 28th January to hear from Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT, on their policy priorities within the new Commission.

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BNG Pub Quiz for Young Professionals

Brush up on your general knowledge and join us for our charity pub quiz at Michael Collins this May. Who knows, with the luck of the Irish you may even win!