TEDx-style seminar: Boost your public speaking skills!

Everybody can be good at public speaking but most don’t know where to start. What is it that makes the TEDx talks so effective? Come and find out how you too can be a great speaker. TEDx organiser, curator and speaking coach, Dirk Daenen will give you the overview and guidance to improving your own public speaking skills. 

Jobs Lost, Jobs Gained: workforce transitions in an age of automation’ McKinsey Global Institute report 2017

Expert SpeakersJacques Bughin, Director of McKinsey Global Institute and co-author of the title report;Jaana Kajanmaa, Senior Director, Customer Experience, CISCO;Dr John W. Mitchell, President and CEO, IPC Association;Angela (Lei) Dong, Senior Vice President Human Resources, R&I, Solvay;Melanie Warnes, CEO and Principal of The British School of Brussels;More information on the event to be released soon.

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