European Champions vs. the World – how FDI Helps

We are pleased to welcome Maria Martin-Prat Director of Services and Investments, Intellectual Property and Public Procurement at DG TRADE. Ms Martin-Prat will discuss Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and the increasingly important role it has played in the last two decades in Europe. Particularly looking at FDI as a tool to fortify and strengthen European Champions in the face of global competition.  

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British Ambassador to Belgium, H.E. Martin Shearman, on UK-Belgium Relations

The British Chamber is delighted to be hosting H.E. Martin Shearman C.V.O., our Ambassador to Belgium, for a lunch at the Stanhope Hotel. This will be a first chance to hear from the Ambassador at length, since the British General Election in December. The Ambassador will speak on government priorities and take questions on issues relevant to Britain’s relationship with Belgium as well as the wider strategic context including Europe.

The Future of Trade with Latin America and the Implementation of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement

At this EU Committee lunch briefing Matthias Jorgensen Head of Unit C3 at DG TRADE, will discuss the future of trade relations between the EU and Latin America. Particularly focusing on the implementation of the EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement. This discussion will look at the goals of the agreement but also examine the challenges it faces. More information regarding this event to come soon.

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The Future of EU Fintech Policy

We are pleased to welcome Jan Ceyssens, Head of Unit at DG FISMA, for a preview of the Commission's plan for Fintech regulation and what this means for businesses. This EU Committee Briefing will also discuss the role played by Fintech in creating a European Digital single market.

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The Future of EU-US Trade Relations

The EU and US have the largest bilateral and investment relationship in the world. Investment and trade plays a crucial role in fostering the transatlantic relationship and contributing to economic growth. 

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What's in store for Connected Mobility in Europe?

We are excitedly looking forward to hosting Mr Henrik Hololei, Director-General DG MOVE, in March 2020.Mr Hololei will be discussing his plans to revolutionise and improve connected mobility technology across Europe.

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Green Deal Series: Farm to Fork Strategy - what can we expect?

Join us on Thursday 11th March to participate in a fascinating discussion on what wecan expect from President von der Leyen's highly anticipated Farm to Fork Strategy. Leading the discussion will be Sabine Juelicher, Director of Food and Feed Safety, Innovation at DG SANTE.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

Priorities of DG CONNECT

Join us on Tuesday 28th January to hear from Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT, on their policy priorities within the new Commission.