WEBINAR Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce: COVID-19 Innovation Conference – Worldwide Online Investment Event

In light of the current situation, we are working together with our partners to keep our members informed. On this occasion, the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, together with the British Chambers of Commerce UK, are extending their invitation to our members to their 2-day Innovation Conference: We are glad to be cooperating with Cukierman & Co. Life Sciences and GoforIsrael on the upcoming "COVID-19 Innovation Conference – Worldwide Online Investment Event" that is taking place on April 6-7, 2020.

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NEW DATE (Webinar) Regulating AI: Has the future become the present?

We are delighted to welcome Mr Kilian Gross (Head of Unit Technologies and Systems for Digitising Industry at DG CONNECT) to an EU Commitee Webinaron Wednesday 22nd April. Mr Gross will discuss the rapidly evolving industry of Artificial Intelligence, as well as how the Commission plans to regulate this growth without stifling innovation and creativity.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

Priorities of DG CONNECT

Join us on Tuesday 28th April to hear from Claire Bury, Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT, on their policy priorities within the new Commission.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

Innovation: Will Europe Ever Catch-up?

Innovation is a key component of Europe's social and economic system, it will also play a crucial role in advancing Europe's Growth Strategy for 2030. However, with the EU lagging behind the US and China in the sector of digital innovation during the past decade, the new Commission is determined to facilitate innovation and make Europe fit for the Digital Age. This fascinating discussion will be led by Werner Stengg Cabinet Expert at Margrethe Vestager's Cabinet at the European Commission.

This event is held under Chatham House rule

NEW DATE- Green Deal Series: The Implementation of the ETS and EU Maritime Policy (Webinar)

Join us on Wednesday 20th May to take part in a brilliant discussion on the Green Deal's goal of reducing emissions through the implementation of the ETS. This lunch briefing will focus on EU Maritime Policy. This discussion will be lead by Beatriz Yordi Director of European & International Carbon Markets.

This event is held under Chatham House rule