Useful Storytelling Techniques for Business Communication

Great ideas often go unexplored unless they can be communicated effectively. We all have a continuous need to reach our marketplace, to motivate our teams and to share the work that we do. Storytelling can help to achieve this. This one-day training can help you learn and practice techniques on how to harness stories creatively and effectively to capture the attention of the audience you seek to reach. Join this session to build your own creative confidence and skills that you may find effective to create the powerful message you wish to create to captivate others.

Email Expert: write concise, structured emails to progress your projects

This training will show you how to structure, format and craft concise content so recipients will want to open and respond. Common pain-points around emails are: recipients done meet deadlines for providing input; they don’t react or reply; emails that are mis-understood, cause anger or confusion and long, rambling emails that don’t get to the point. With step-by-step instructions, participants will learn to write emails that ‘convert’ and get results so they can get their work done.

Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking strikes fear into the hearts of most people and yet most of us, either at work or socially, are asked to stand and present to an audience. Everybody can be good at public speaking, but most don’t know where to start to improve. This workshop uses the TEDTalk approach to becoming a better presenter. Come and find your voice, learn to own your stage and increase the pleasure of public speaking.

Practical Design Thinking for Creative Solutions

Perhaps you have been hearing more and more about how companies and teams are using Design Thinking to uncover new ideas, develop radical solutions and create transformational impact. Are you curious to learn more about what exactly design thinking is and how you can apply this method and tools to your own endeavours? During this hands-on, fast-paced training, learn how design thinking tools can be applied to any challenge to result in more creative approaches and outcomes. Get ready to put these ideas into action to find solutions to your own business challenges.

Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

Every decision in an organization revolves around Finance. Increase your leadership and learn how to impact the performance of your unit’s profitability. Gain a basic understanding of finance and accounting concepts to drive your organization’s growth. This course will start with fundamentals and does not mandate any requirements. The class will be interactive and will require the active involvement of the participants in finance related activities with practical exercises, explanations, and quizzes.

Intercultural Competence

Why do cultural attitudes so strongly influence the way we do business between countries? How do events like Brexit impact our views of co-operation and confidence in each other? During this workshop we will demonstrate and practice how understanding someone’s “model of the world” is a vital part of successful adaptive behavior and doing business across cultures.

Excel Training

A table, a few sums, even a fancy chart is child’s play. Everyone can do Excel. Unfortunately good decision making often consists of more analysis, on more parameters, dug out of more data. And the world is increasingly about móre data, not less. Don’t leave it to the specialists, the data-guys, the quants. Find out, in this workshop, how you can get pretty advanced analysis done, simply with Excel. Make data work for you.

Hands-on the use of analytics in management decisions

Data-science, and its cousin analytics are a booming business. Just look at the market value of data-scientists nowadays. And yet, many companies struggle to apply the use of data-science and analytics to improve their management decisions. In this course, we will explain exactly what data-science and analytics are, what benefits they bring to management and where the pitfalls are. But, most importantly, we will introduce a very simple method and apply that to the business question you bring to the course to help you get started on the analytical path to success.