Online: Virtual Meeting Virtuoso: So engaging, they’ll stop multi-tasking, stay focused and love you for it - 2 sessions

This training has been split into two sessions: - Part 1: 28th September from 12.30 to 14:00 (90 minutes) - Part 2: 29th September from 12:30 to 14:00 (90 minutes) Virtual is the new normal in the time of covid-19. Keeping participants engaged and focused during on-line meetings can be a challenge. Leading and contributing to virtual meetings requires specific skills, reflexes and behaviours, as well as a whole new mindset. How do you keep people engaged and participatory? How do you share your genius without monopolizing the conversation – or being spoken over? How do you show-up professionally in the ‘virtual’ world when all they can see is your face on the screen (if you’re even using video). How do you get results and follow-through after the meeting’s over? These are some of the questions you’ll get answers to during this two-part training.

Online: Effective Intercultural Communication

Why do cultural attitudes so strongly influence the way we do business between countries? How do events like Brexit impact our views of co-operation and confidence in each other? During this workshop we will demonstrate and practice how understanding someone’s “model of the world” is a vital part of successful adaptive behavior and doing business across cultures. Bring your business cases and examples: after a highly interactive day you will leave with techniques to apply immediately and a different view on how to build better intercultural partnerships.

Online: Embodied Leadership: Master the mind-body connection to empower confident and authentic leadership (3 sessions)

Master the mind-body connection to empower confident and authentic leadership. Embodied Leadership bridges the quadrants of (i) the way we communicate, (ii) how we behave, (iii) our emotions and (iv) our values, so that we can lead with purpose, authenticity and confidence. It’s grounded in somatic coaching and builds your emotional, social and somatic intelligence. This training is not about yoga, meditation or body language. Rather, it leverages the science of the mind-body connection and the intelligence of the body, to enable you to be a more powerful and resilient leader

Online: Engaging with the Media - How, When, Why? (2 sessions)

Too many business figures avoid the media altogether because they misunderstand or mistrust journalists and their methods. They and their companies miss out on the benefits that positive media exposure can bring. Others are over-confident or under-prepared when they meet journalists - and thus waste the opportunity…or come unstuck. This course helps you understand how different media work and provides simple guidelines for maximising the benefits of engagement across diverse platforms, while avoiding the pitfalls.

Online: Creativity at Work: An Intro to Design Thinking (2 sessions)

Perhaps you have been hearing more and more about how companies and teams are using Design Thinking to uncover new ideas, develop radical solutions and create transformational impact. Are you curious to learn more about what exactly design thinking is and how you can apply this method and tools to your own endeavours? During this hands-on, fast-paced training, learn how design thinking tools can be applied to any challenge to result in more creative approaches and outcomes. Get ready to put these ideas into action to find solutions to your own business challenges.

Online: How to Run a Great Project? (2 sessions)

Business is increasingly dependant for its success on Projects. More and more professionals are being asked to manage projects for internal or customer benefit. We need an approach that is simple, easy to use and ensures Project Success. From Project Definition, through to Planning, Estimating, Risk Management and Resource Management, these 2 x 90-minute sessions demonstrates how to run a great project.

Online: Public Speaking Workshop

Public speaking strikes fear into the hearts of most people and yet most of us, either at work or socially, are asked to stand and present to an audience. Everybody can be good at public speaking, but most don’t know where to start to improve.

Online: Crisis Communications

Every week some business or other will find itself in the media spotlight in a way it never wanted or expected. Whether the issue is customer or employee safety, financial conduct, safeguarding, business ethics or some other potential pitfall, the effects on your reputation, value and revenues can be devastating. Too often the company in trouble never saw it coming and had never planned or prepared. This half day course helps you shock-proof your business from media attack by providing techniques to reduce risk, minimise impact and limit the duration of bad coverage.

Online: Email Expert: Write concise, structured emails they’ll want to answer – so you can stop waiting and progress you.(2 sessions)

This training will show you how to structure, format and craft concise content so recipients will want to open and respond. Common pain-points around emails are: recipients done meet deadlines for providing input; they don’t react or reply; emails that are mis-understood, cause anger or confusion and long, rambling emails that don’t get to the point. With step-by-step instructions, participants will learn to write emails that ‘convert’ and get results so they can get their work done.

Online: Being the Expert: How to write Opinion and Analysis

The news media need experts. People with experience and expertise in a given field who can explain to readers what the relevance, impact and consequence of an event, policy, or proposal will be. Ideally they provide a unique analysis on the issue - and a viewpoint that challenges, enlightens or entertains. This course prepares you to become that expert and to deliver the op-ed, opinion and analysis articles that newspapers, magazines and websites want. Being a published expert brings kudos, enhances the reputation of your business or sector and catches the eye of customers and clients.